BGP Protocol Management

2019-07-12 19:27:12

Have a high performance BGP server.

In today's ISP market having a robust server for BGP protocol is essential for optimizing your routes.

BordeR is a powerful edge management system, which uses the BGP protocol to communicate with other autonomous systems.


Easy to use on your network

  The problem with most solutions on the market today is that they either are too complex to configure and maintain the system or lack the robustness required for a system that needs high reliability, providers have to choose between a solution in which frustrate you over time and bring you losses due to various crashes and bugs or a solution that will be extremely costly to maintain because of its complexity.   With that in mind, BrByte's software solutions developed BordeR, primarily as a stand-alone solution for BrByte Telecom's edge. After a period of solid testing, the product was initially introduced to other partner operators and applied in REAL production with updates and patches.   So we brought to the market a complete, robust, easy-to-use solution at a low cost. To serve from small businesses and providers, to those who have large data flows and need high performance and reliability.


BordeR unites the good performance of our already consolidated BrbOS operating system in the market, which is based on FreeBSD, an operating system aimed at high level servers. The whole system is written entirely in C language, which allows you to work at Kernel level, focusing on delivering lean code with optimum performance, speed and stability, so your edge is always active and performing well.


In addition to the performance, BordeR has an easy and intuitive WEB interface to manage your server, which can be accessed from any browser on the internal network, or make an external redirection configuration, to monitor and configure the server remotely.


You can also count with real-time charts, reports and information to analyze and identify various events or problems you may have. Have route information, peers, and various data that can help you identify and troubleshoot at various times.

Download the system on our website



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