Connection Logs

2020-04-09 14:38:13
BrByte Software

The connection information is important to be in compliance with the DMCA and SOPA.

With the Captor it is possible to store the records of the Ip / Port connections

connection logs

To have an efficient system that you can count on, it is not necessary to make a high investment in complex tools, Captor is an efficient operating system in which it does not require extremely high hardware to perform the analysis and storage of the connections, just make an initial investment in hardware (or allocate space on your VM), and in the monthly fee which includes tool support.

The proprietary technology built into Captor is also able to reduce the information in much smaller spaces than that provided by the protocol, so you can store a lot of information in much smaller spaces so that the user has a lower cost of storage.

Download and install it right now on a server or virtual machine.


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